Vintage Embroidery Thread 

15wt - Rope & 40wt - Retro

What is Vintage Embroidery? Vintage embroidery mimics the look of handwork from yesteryear. It features chunky fills and luscious satins digitized with today's technology. It is a textured approach to machine embroidery that's so fabric-friendly! Duplicate what you see in ready wear with your home machine. To achieve the look, you'll need the right thread.


  • Strong polyester thread
  • Available in two weights: 15wt (150 meters) and 40wt (1000 meters)
  • Thread produces high definition stitches with chunky fills and luscious satins
  • Use SCHMETZ Topstitch 100/16 needles for best results
  • Pastels - only available in 40wt