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Omnigrid Ruler with Angles 6"

It features a 45° diagonal line and a 3'' square fine line 1/8'' mini-grid. Good for small quilt blocks and small stripes. Great tool for secondary cutting and checking finished...

HQ Paisley Template

The 7.5-Inch Paisley Template is part of the “Way Cool” themed ruler series, Handi Quilter’s Ruler of the Month Club #7. Check out these design ideas (PDF) for groovy quilting patterns you...

Omnigrid 2.5" Ruler

2.5" square ruler

Mini Multi Arc Template

The template has 1”, 2”, 3” and 4” arcs.The arcs begin and end with a space for the ruler foot to rest.

Add-A-Quarter Plus 12"

The Add-A-Quarter combines the speed of rotary cutting quilt pieces with the accuracy of using templates. Once your templates are made the Add-A-Quarter with its specially designed lip will automatically add the customary 1/4 seam allowance...

Quilt In A Day Mini Ruler Set

Quickly and precisely cut quilt pieces with this set of 3 acrylic rulers from Quilt in a Day. Includes a 2-1/2" square fussy-cut ruler great for selecting identical repeat imaged...

Template Sample Set

Six different Acrylic Ruler Templates:6″ SPIRALSPIN E FEX #4,COQ SPIN WHEELS #36,4″ ARC,CLAMSHELL,2″ SIMPLE CIRCLE 

Clamp Light CutterPillar

  This new Clamp Light is just that... A clamp that gives you significantly more leverage on your quilting ruler by holding with your arm versus your hand/fingers. Cuts will...