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Terial Magic with Sprayer

Terial Magic with Sprayer

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Terial Magic Fabric Spray is an all-natural, non-toxic spray that prevents fabrics from fraying. This fabric stabilizer makes fabrics paper-like, so textile projects — including embroidery, quilting, sewing, and thread painting — are much easier.

Use it on natural fiber fabrics and fabrics made of up to 40% polyester. Just spray the fabric to coat it, dry it until it’s damp, and iron it to smooth and dry the fabric. Unlike other fusible sprays, Terial Magic won’t gunk up needles or machines.

Use water to rinse this spray out of finished projects, or leave it in the fabric. It doesn’t contain sugar or starch, so fabrics coated with it won’t cause mold or mildew, or attract bugs.

Made in the USA.

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