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Stitch n Sew Tear-Away Stabilizer-20" x 1 Yard

Stitch n Sew Tear-Away Stabilizer-20" x 1 Yard

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StitchnSew Tear-Away Medium Weight Sew-In Stabilizer is a backing used while embroidering designs on fabrics where stitches can tunnel the fabric or end up buried in the fabric. The medium weight stabilizer can be used for line drawing, design outlines or designs where the stitches are not overly dense.

Tear away stabilizer is temporary, so you don’t have to worry about it peeking out from the backend stitches on a project with dual side exposure. When you have finished embroidering simply tear away the stabilizer from the design. It tears in all directions, right up to the stitches, keeping your design work intact. This product is great for creating embroidery designs on stable and woven fabrics.

Product Details

  • Width: 20 inch
  • Construction: Non-Woven
  • Content: Poly, Natural Fibers
  • Type: Sew-In
  • Color: White
  • Laundering: Machine Washable/Dryable
  • Country: Made in the USA
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