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Schmetz Felt & Craft Needles (5pk) - Assorted

Schmetz Felt & Craft Needles (5pk) - Assorted

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Schmetz Felt & Craft Needles (5pk) - Assorted Details


Schmetz Felt & Craft Needles are an assorted pack of needles great for various projects. The Schmetz 130/705 H-SU Super Nonstick Needles are Super Universal Needles with a non-stick coating of NIT (Nickel-Phosphor-PTFE). The anti-adhesive coating (NIT) prevents residue from forming on the needle; you can easily sew embroidery stabilizers and temporary spray adhesives. The Schmetz 130/705 H-J Jeans/Denim Needles have a modified, medium ballpoint tip and a reinforced blade that makes this needle excellent for penetrating denim, extra thick woven fabrics, or quilts with minimum deflection. The Schmetz Universal Needles have a slightly rounded point making them a great general-purpose needle for sewing a variety of woven and knit fabrics. These needles will work in all household sewing machine brands and types for which needles with a flat shank are required.

Most Schmetz Needles include two color-coded bands just below the shank. The top color indicates the type of needle, and the lower color indicates the size. The Schmetz Super Nonstick Needles will not have an upper color code. Schmetz Jeans/Denim Needles have a blue top band. Schmetz Universal Needles will not have an upper color code. Schmetz Felt & Craft Needles are available as a pack of five needles in a plastic case that slides shut for safe storage. The needle system, needle type, and needle size are printed on the front of the case.



Super Nonstick
    • 80/12 - Orange

    • 90-14 - Blue

  • 70/10 - Green
  • 80/12 - Orange
  • 90/14 - Blu
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