Purely Gates Mylar Embroidery Sheet Single

Purely Gates Mylar Embroidery Sheet Single

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Purely Gates Mylar gives our designs that wonderful sparkle and shine.

We only use the Opalescent color of the iridescent tissue. We do not use the colored mylar sheets so we cannot recommend it.  Purely Gates Mylar tears away easily, does not shred thread, and does not dull your needle. It will pick up the color of thread that is stitched over it. 

As long as Purely Gates Mylar is used with Purely Gates Embroidery designs, we guarantee the item the design is stitched on using our Mylar can be washed, dried and ironed. Your embroidery thread will melt before the mylar will if you hold an iron on the thread too long. We always iron embroidery from the backside.

Some design collections only require 1 sheet of Mylar. Some collections with larger designs and large quantity of designs will require more than 1 sheet.