We know how irresistible minky fabric is for humans, but if you've ever left a minky throw blanket laying around, you know how much pets love it, too. We're all for sharing, but we've created this paw-inspired Luxe Cuddle® Rainbow Paws minky fabric design so you don't have to anymore. It’s like our popular Luxe Cuddle® Pawsome collection, but this time the fabric is back-printed and frosted, and the paws are embossed directly into the fabric! We'd recommend making a self-binding throw blanket to line a kennel, or try making a minky fabric dog bed yourself!

Cuddle is 58/60” wide

All cuddle is now sold by the ¼ yard and is priced accordingly

For example:

1 unit equals ¼ yard

2 units equals ½ yard

3 units equals ¾ yard

4 units equals 1 yard

5 units equals 1¼ yard

6 units equals 1 ½ yard

7 units equals 1 ¾ yard

8 units equals 2 yards

...and so on