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Dritz Seam-Fix Tool (Seam Ripper, Awl & Stiletto)

Dritz Seam-Fix Tool (Seam Ripper, Awl & Stiletto)

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The Dritz Seam-Fix Tool is a seam ripper, awl and stiletto combined into a one multi-purpose tool. Each tool has a protective cap that functions as the handle for use and as cover to protect tool during storage. Keep this handy tool next to your sewing machine.

  • Fine blade seam ripper for cutting unwanted stitches and rubbery thread eraser handle to grab and “erase” threads away.
  • Fine tip awl with rounded non-slip handle for punching holes in leather, vinyl, plastic and fleece.
  • Tip of awl can be used as a stiletto at the sewing machine to hold fabric layers in place and guide them under the presser foot.
  • US Pat. No. 8,713,766

Usage/Care Instructions: Seam Ripper: Insert stiletto/awl into round non-slip handle. Using blade, cut unwanted stiches. Place thread eraser cap over seam ripper to protect blade. Use rubbery tip to grab and “erase” loose threads away. Stiletto/Awl: Insert seam ripper into round non-slip handle. For awl – use sharp tip to punch holes in leather, vinyl, plastic and fleece. For stiletto – use tip to hold and ease fabric under needle while machine sewing. Insert stiletto/awl into thread eraser cap for storage.

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