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Baby Lock Cut-Away Soft Medium Embroidery Stabilizer

Baby Lock Cut-Away Soft Medium Embroidery Stabilizer

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Baby Lock Machine Support and Updates

12" x 10 yards

This stabilizer is soft, but still maintains the support needed for cut-away projects. It is perfect for use on most wovens and knits, as well as any specialty fabrics. Cut-Away Soft is sturdy enough for hard-to-hoop projects like sleeves and pant legs, and provides an excellent base for light to heavy stitch counts.

Soft yet supportive, this stabilizer works well with medium to heavyweight fabrics such as knits, fleece, and sweaters, as well as home decorating projects. Cut-Away Soft won't wash or tear out, so it gives continuous support to designs. It provides a stable non-stretch foundation but remains flexible and soft enough for projects like garments and blankets, so it won't scratch or irritate skin.

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