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Dritz Unique Stitch 1.25oz (Fabric Glue)

Dritz Unique Stitch 1.25oz (Fabric Glue)

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Unique Stitch Stitchless Sewing Adhesive 1-1/4oz is designed to facilitate quick and easy fabric bonding. Whether it is attaching fabric to fabric, sticking trinkets, rhinestones, ribbons, bias tape and patches to garments, bonding fabrics with hook-n-loop strips, zipper tapes or doing hems of skirts and pants, this stitch adhesive can do it all. It can also be used to join elastic and ends of yarn together. The adhesive is water-soluble, non-toxic and creates a permanent bond, once dry. Garments bonded with this no-sew adhesive tube can be washed, machine dried and even dry cleaned in some cases.

  • Bonds fabric to fabric
  • Hem skirts and pants
  • Adhere patches, ribbon, bias tape, ric-rack and rhinestones to garments
  • Bond Hook-n-Loop strips and zipper tapes to fabric
  • Join elastic and yarn ends together
  • Water soluble before drying

Usage Instructions:

Test each type of fabric to be bonded before starting project. Some fabrics require pre-washing to remove factory finish in order to achieve a good bond. Some 100% polyester fabrics, laces and sheers will show a stain or will not bond properly. Some fabric dye may weaken the strength of the bond.


  1. Protect work surface with a paper towel.
  2. Unscrew cap.
  3. Tube is ready to use.
  4. Gently squeeze tube from the bottom.
  5. If tip becomes clogged, use a stright pin to clean nozzle.
  6. Replace cap when not in use.


  1. Place a piece of aluminum foil under fabric before applying Unique Stitch® to prevent seepage onto work surface.
  2. Squeeze directly from tube onto back of item to be adhered. Sheer and lightweight fabrics need only a light application of adhesive.
  3. Smooth adhesive with finger or small brush. Make sure adhesive is spread evenly to outer edges.
  4. Use gentle finger pressure to position item to be adhered. Allow bond to set a few minutes then apply heavy pressure and allow to set for 30 minutes before ironing or wearing.

Once dry, the bond is permanent and garment can be washed and machine dried. Some fabrics hold the bond through dry cleaning; others do not.

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