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Pattern Ease Tracing Fabric – sold by ¼ yard

Pattern Ease Tracing Fabric – sold by ¼ yard

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Pattern-Ease Tracing Material is a non-woven tracing material for altering, duplicating and designing patterns and crafts. Pattern-Ease is made up of 80% Polyester and 20% Rayon. Pattern Ease tracing material is strong and durable and doesn't tear easily. Therefore, the copies can be used multiple times and can last for years. Pattern-Ease can also be machine sewn. Pattern-Ease Tracing Material is a must have item for any sewers toolbox. Get the most out of your original patterns by tracing them onto Pattern-Ease. Patterns can be traced by a pencil, ball point pen or by any other tracing pencil.

This fabric is 46" wide

All fabric is now sold by the ¼ yard and is priced accordingly

For example:

1 unit equals ¼ yard

2 units equals ½ yard

3 units equals ¾ yard

4 units equals 1 yard

5 units equals 1¼ yard

6 units equals 1 ½ yard

7 units equals 1 ¾ yard

8 units equals 2 yards

...and so on

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